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This Weekend's Menu
Ackee & Saltfish |Roast Corn
Jerk Chicken |Jerk Pork
Jamaican Roasted Sweet Potato
Caribbean Curries
Cocktails |Red Stripe Beer |Rum Punch

Street Food Weekends

We are celebrating all things Jamaican this August.

Our streetfood weekends bring another twist to our Jamaican adventure with an exciting mix of dishes, done by our catering team, with a Jamaican streetfood influence.

We aim to take you on a culinary journey around the Island in one sitting.

This week, we are offering a table banquet, where the chef brings a selection of dishes to your table.

Dishes include;

Jerk Chicken | Jerk Pork | BBQ Wings | Callaloo & Chick Pea Curry | Saltfish Rundown with Tropical Greens | Rice & Peas | Plantain | Festival

The price for this offer is £15, but we are offering a selected amount of tickets to get all this for £10. This is done on a prepayment, first come, first serve basis.
For more information, call 01908 226 725