The perfect Mother's Day Gift?

Happy Mother's Day

How do we show appreciation to those around us?

We all do different things, whether it is by giving flowers, warm wishes in a card, some chocolates, a treat, or spending the time to make something special.

Well, my Mum will tell you, that although I have, on occasion given her flowers, written a card or bought some chocolates, I show my affection in the kitchen.

For generations, that is how we show our feelings in our family. This tradition goes way beyond me, I remember my grandma always making a big effort to bake something special, cook someone’s favourite meal, or being as creative as possible, just to remind us that someone cares.

That is a tradition that we continue, and it will be no different this Mother’s day. After all, my mother has cooked at least 6,000 meals for me… so it is only fair that I give her the day off on Mother's Day.

Since I will be in the kitchen anyway, why don’t you let me cook Mother's day lunch for your Mum too!

Simply book your table and see you on Mothering Sunday, the 22nd March.


Happy Mothers Day,

From the Blue Mountain Yard Family


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