Welcome to Blue Mountain Yard...
the home of Jamaican street food


We are proud to serve authentic Jamaican dishes, cooked using our own family recipes.


Visiting the yard gives you a true flavour of Jamaica, from the rum punch, to the slow-cooked curried goat, to the rum cake.


Any Jamaican will tell you though, what is even more unique than the Jamaican cuisine, is the vibe, the culture, and most importantly the people.


We are renowned for our hospitality, and will always make you feel at home.​


In Jamaica, the word yard, is slang for home, so welcome to our home, the Blue Mountain Yard.


Home cooking, and tropical drinks, prepared by the Blue Mountain Yard family



Check in-store for our daily specials.


The perfect way to sample traditional Jamaican cuisine

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Feb 19th, 2020 
Blue Mountain Yard Temporary Closure - due to Storm Ciara damage on the building where we're located, we are sadly temporarily closed. 
We are hoping to be able to update you further after the building has been fully inspected and sorted and hope to provide a further update on Friday, 21st Feb.

Blue Mountain Yard
 L2A West St 

Rushden Lakes

Rushden NN10 6FT


Monday / Tuesday 11am - 3pm
Wednesday / Thursday 11am - 10pm
Friday / Saturday 11am - 11pm
Sunday 11am - 6pm

Call 01933 353 080

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